Principles of Warfare – Law in the war

Wars happen, it isn’t anything strange and its nothing new. For example we have USA, that had only 5-6 years without a war from the World War two up until now. Therefore we can see that there are many wars, and due to that every nation must follow the principles of warfare , in order to minimize the effects of war to the non-combatant populace as well as their homes and other buildings.

There are quite a few versions of war principles, and this article will not create new versions. Rather than that this article will be about general principles in war, and how they are in many cases overlooked and how nations break them.

mg2975-300x199War has changed, the time when two nations waged war and it ended with a clear winner is over. Now, wars are different, in most cases smaller factions are waging war against its own government and other nations intervene and join one side in that conflict. Middle East, Africa and Ukraine are good examples of that kind of war.
The problem with these conflicts is that rules of war that are clearly stated in International Humanitarian Law are broken which causes loss of civilian lives and other acts that break all laws that should be followed.
Children soldiers are common sight in these conflict even though it is forbidden by the law from the Geneva conventions. Indecent assaults on the women, both combatant and civilian are common sight on the field of war, and many go unpunished for those assaults.

Destruction of civilian property is one law that is overlooked by everyone, and civilian lives are nothing in the war. Even big powers discard human lives and their property as trash, with their bombing runs on towns that may or may not contain combatants. Whole sections of some towns are destroyed and number of civilian lives that are lost is far greater than number of combatants that are killed in those raids.

A time has come in which every person has to join the war ( if war comes to their home ), because they will be treated as combatants either way.

Author: Shawn Carlson

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