Principles of IHL

Every law has principles on which it was created, and International humanitarian law is same. In this case I will focus on principles of IHL that are connected with civilians and other non-combatants. There are principles that are concerned by proper methods of warfare but they will be talked about in some other article.

This article will speak about principles of civilian protection, which are:

1. Principle of distinction are there to protect civilians and their objects from any effects military operations may bring. It exists to imply the need to make distinction between civilians and non-civilians and military and civilian objects, and avoid harm and destruction on everything and anyone that has no connection to war and warfare.
2. Necessity and proportionality are principles that are focused on prevention of usage of too much force in the conflict. This principle dictates that only necessary amount of force shuld be used to defeat the enemy everything more may cause the unnecessary loss of lives. Every possible precaution should be used by commanding personnel to avoid the loss of civilian lives.

3. ihl_10Principle of humane treatment dictates that civilians should be treated as humanely as possible at every point of time. This principle is used on non-civilian personnel such as wounded, captives and others. This law sets the rules that prohibit any kind of cruel treatment or torture, taking hostages from the civilian populace, humiliation and degrading treatment of civilians or any other non-combatant populace, including captives. Physical and mental integrity, as well as honor, religious convictions and other things of civilians should be respected. To know more about this topic visit  to navigate to this web-site.

4. Principle of non-discrimination brings a set of rules that prohibit any kind of discrimination of prisoners of war and civilians, including their race, sex, religion or political opinion. Every person that is in any way affected by the conflict should have his fundamental rights protected and respected by all sides of the conflict.

5. Woman and children should be protected from the horrors of warfare. Criminal lawyer portland, David T. McDonald considers that women are to be protected from any assaults, even if they are combatants. Children shouldn’t be combatants until they reach their 18th year.

Author: Shawn Carlson

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