Dealing With Personal Injury in Houston-What You Should Know

personal injury lawyer HoustonPersonal injury, by definition, refers to the physical, emotional and psychological damages suffered by the victims of accidents that were caused directly by the negligence or carelessness of a third party.

The laws in Houston and in the whole of Texas dictate that personal injury victims should receive compensation commensurate to the extent and intensity of their injuries. While this information is common knowledge to most Houston residents, it is interesting to note that a good proportion of the population still fail to pursue compensation for personal injury even in situations where they do have valid claims.

The main reason behind this is the mistaken belief that the chances of winning in a personal injury compensation lawsuit are too slim to justify the costs and energy involved.

personal injury lawyer HoustonFirst of all, you should know that the cost of filing or pursuing a personal injury compensation claim is not really as high as it is made out to be. For more information learn the facts here now. In fact, if you take the right precautions and choose the right firm then you might not even have to pay a single cent from your pocket.

Most of the best and most reputable personal injury law firms in the city charge their clients on a contingency basis. What this means is that the lawyers or law firm will suspend the collection of their legal fees until your compensation claim has been resolved. Once that is done they will then deduct their legal fees from the compensation amount you receive and let you have the rest.

personal injury lawyer HoustonPursuing a personal injury compensation claim in court is perhaps the most difficult part of the entire process. Needless to say, it is very likely that the defendants will bring the best defense team that they can afford and without a team that is equally aggressive as theirs then you might not stand much chance of winning the lawsuit.

This, again, underlines the importance of looking for a capable, qualified and experienced personal injury attorney to handle your lawsuit.

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What Are The Main Issues Handled By Family And Divorce Lawyers?

What Are The Main Issues Handled By Family And Divorce Lawyers?

As the title clearly suggests, most of the work done by family and divorce lawyers revolves around the resolution of legal problems that might surround the family. The real scope of their work however sometimes extends beyond the conventional family setting especially where the parents are divorced or separated. In both situations, the following are some of the main issues that family and divorce lawyers can help you deal with:

Child custody– if you and your partner share any children then it obviously follows that the two of you will have to come to an agreement regarding who the children will be staying with. It is the work of  help the two of you come to the right agreement under the divorce settlement. In the event that you cannot reach an amicable agreement and the matter is taken before a judge, the responsibility of fighting for your child custody rights falls on the shoulders of your divorce lawyer.

marriageChild support– child custody issues are usually accompanied by child support issues. In almost all cases, it is the non-custodial parent who also has to pay child support, which is money supposed to be used for the upkeep of the said children. Again, most couples would prefer to have this issue resolved outside the courtroom and this can be done through negotiations between the divorce lawyers representing both sides in the matter.  If the two teams are not able to reach an acceptable settlement on what is to be paid in child support then your lawyer can take the matter to court. Inside the courtroom, child support matters are usually resolved and determined according to a prescribed set of guidelines.

Division of assets– this is another of the more challenging issues that divorcing couples usually have to deal with. Like child support, the divorce lawyers can resolve the issue through negotiation. Ideally, most couples would want the assets divided as amicably as possible and, with the right lawyer, this should not be a big problem.

Alimony– most people usually confuse alimony payments with child support payments but, even though both payments will be made out to your ex-spouse, that is essentially where the similarities between the two end. While the latter is meant to cater for the upkeep of your children, the former is specifically meant for the upkeep of your ex-spouse. A good family and divorce lawyer should be able to help you come up with a fair and acceptable alimony payment arrangement.

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Principles of Warfare – Law in the war

Principles of Warfare – Law in the war

Wars happen, it isn’t anything strange and its nothing new. For example we have USA, that had only 5-6 years without a war from the World War two up until now. Therefore we can see that there are many wars, and due to that every nation must follow the principles of warfare , in order to minimize the effects of war to the non-combatant populace as well as their homes and other buildings.

There are quite a few versions of war principles, and this article will not create new versions. Rather than that this article will be about general principles in war, and how they are in many cases overlooked and how nations break them.

mg2975-300x199War has changed, the time when two nations waged war and it ended with a clear winner is over. Now, wars are different, in most cases smaller factions are waging war against its own government and other nations intervene and join one side in that conflict. Middle East, Africa and Ukraine are good examples of that kind of war.
The problem with these conflicts is that rules of war that are clearly stated in International Humanitarian Law are broken which causes loss of civilian lives and other acts that break all laws that should be followed.
Children soldiers are common sight in these conflict even though it is forbidden by the law from the Geneva conventions. Indecent assaults on the women, both combatant and civilian are common sight on the field of war, and many go unpunished for those assaults.

Destruction of civilian property is one law that is overlooked by everyone, and civilian lives are nothing in the war. Even big powers discard human lives and their property as trash, with their bombing runs on towns that may or may not contain combatants. Whole sections of some towns are destroyed and number of civilian lives that are lost is far greater than number of combatants that are killed in those raids.

A time has come in which every person has to join the war ( if war comes to their home ), because they will be treated as combatants either way.

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Principles of IHL

Principles of IHL

Every law has principles on which it was created, and International humanitarian law is same. In this case I will focus on principles of IHL that are connected with civilians and other non-combatants. There are principles that are concerned by proper methods of warfare but they will be talked about in some other article.

This article will speak about principles of civilian protection, which are:

1. Principle of distinction are there to protect civilians and their objects from any effects military operations may bring. It exists to imply the need to make distinction between civilians and non-civilians and military and civilian objects, and avoid harm and destruction on everything and anyone that has no connection to war and warfare.
2. Necessity and proportionality are principles that are focused on prevention of usage of too much force in the conflict. This principle dictates that only necessary amount of force shuld be used to defeat the enemy everything more may cause the unnecessary loss of lives. Every possible precaution should be used by commanding personnel to avoid the loss of civilian lives.

3. ihl_10Principle of humane treatment dictates that civilians should be treated as humanely as possible at every point of time. This principle is used on non-civilian personnel such as wounded, captives and others. This law sets the rules that prohibit any kind of cruel treatment or torture, taking hostages from the civilian populace, humiliation and degrading treatment of civilians or any other non-combatant populace, including captives. Physical and mental integrity, as well as honor, religious convictions and other things of civilians should be respected. To know more about this topic visit  to navigate to this web-site.

4. Principle of non-discrimination brings a set of rules that prohibit any kind of discrimination of prisoners of war and civilians, including their race, sex, religion or political opinion. Every person that is in any way affected by the conflict should have his fundamental rights protected and respected by all sides of the conflict.

5. Woman and children should be protected from the horrors of warfare. Criminal lawyer portland, David T. McDonald considers that women are to be protected from any assaults, even if they are combatants. Children shouldn’t be combatants until they reach their 18th year.

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The greatest fears and each owner of agricultural holdings include the risk of trespassing and responsibility that accompanies each landowner. Many companies invest large sums of money in video surveillance and security in order to protect their property from such undesirable practices. In many countries throughout the United States no one allowed to enter or stay in buildings or private property unless you are the owner or authorized. This authorization can only be given by the owner or a person authorized to do so. This is useful link for a lot of information.

gabinete-san-roque-abogados-despacho-de-abogadosThis kind of protection, in addition to preventing intrusion into property, it also protects the privacy of landowners, prevents vandlizam, theft, illegal hunting and fishing. Private property rights are protected by the Constitution because these properties can evoke strong emotions and are very important to their owners. On many farms set up signs stating a “no trespassing” or approach is very limited. In this way, owners protect their property from unwanted intruders.

The criminal offense of illegally entering the property is defined as the unauthorized entry of any person who does not have permission or authority to do so.

The warning is usually delivered orally or in writing or through a legal representative or the owner of the personal. Laws are different from country to country and some are very general while in others detailed in each alert a criminal offense, as well as its sanctioning. In each country, new laws are strictly observed.

In most US states trespass against them is considered a misdemeanor, but in others it is a serious offense. The only difference is in what the intentions of the person who enters the unauthorized possession, the penalties are a fine or imprisonment. In any case, the law is mainly on the owners and they have a better chance in court.

With regard to the rigor of the law and sanctions that sledeusled its non-compliance with the law on the protection of private property is generally respected, and it contributes a lot timely protect themselves landowners.

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